What is a root canal?

A root canal is a treatment where the infected pulp of the tooth is removed before it is sealed. A root canal is usually a final ditch effort to save a natural tooth that has become infected.  


  • Save your natural tooth (normal chewing, biting, aesthetic, etc.) 

  • Stop toothaches and other pain (related to an ongoing infection)

  • Streamlined process (very effective)

  • Cheaper than a dental implant


  • Weakens tooth (removes infected portion of the tooth resulting in a dead tooth)

  • May require 1-2 visits (depends on complexity)

What is the root canal process?

1. Numb Area

Apply local anesthetic to reduce pain during root canal process​

2. Remove Pulp

Dentist cuts into tooth and removes the infected pulp tissue

3. Clean & Shape

The newly created hole is cleaned (disinfected) and shaped

4. Fill Canal

The hole or canal is filled in and sealed

5. Tooth Restored

The filling material is cured to harden and restore the tooth

6. Add Crown

A crown is placed over the tooth to prevent fractures (usually because it is too weak)

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