What is botox?

In dentistry, botox involves injecting the botulin toxin into the skin to reduce teeth grinding and tension headaches and alleviate muscle discomfort


  • Reduce grinding and chewing problems

  • Alleviate TMJ joint and muscle pain


  • Risk of temporary weakness or limited movement (in the eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks, and other facial muscles)

  • Temporary effect (declines after 3-4 months)

What is the botox process?

1. Choose Areas

Discuss the specific areas to apply the botox treatment. Once confirmed, locations are marked

2. Clean Face

A disinfectant is used to clean and sterilize the face, particularly the marked areas

3. Inject Botulin

Using a fine needle, the botulin toxin is carefully injected into the correct layer of muscle

4. Check Sites

You are asked to move your face into different expressions to confirm the correctness of the injection sites

5. Repeat Process

The process is repeated for each different injection site such that the desired effect is attained

6. Mission Complete

That's it. Don't rub your face for a few days

Some common questions:

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