What is a filling?

A dental filling is a process by which a dentist drills and removes a decayed portion of tooth and fills it in with a filling material to prevent further decay or degradation.  


  • Stop further decay (and future cavities)

  • Protect against root / nerve damage

  • Quick and easy (completed in one short visit) 

  • Durable, long lasting (typically 10+ years, usually no food restrictions)


  • Possible short-term sensitivity (for a few days)

What is the filling process?

1. Numb Area

Apply local anesthetic to reduce pain during filling process

2. Drill Tooth

Drill down the decayed tooth, removing the problematic tissue

3. Probe Tooth

Probe the tooth using dental instruments to confirm the decay has been removed

4. Fill Tooth

Fill tooth with chosen or appropriate filling material

5. Cure Tooth

Cure the tooth to harden the filling material

6. Final Check

Check to make sure filling is done correctly and bite is not affected

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