Tooth Extraction

What is a tooth extraction?

A dental tooth extraction is a simple dental procedure where an individual tooth is completely removed from its socket. In other words, a tooth is pulled. 


  • Remove problematic teeth (that can compromise your overall oral health)

  • Alleviate pain and discomfort

  • Make room for another dental procedure (i.e. an implant)


  • May require minor surgery (for more complicated cases)

What is the tooth extraction process?

1. Numb Mouth

Local anesthetic applied to numb the mouth around the tooth in question

2. Incisions (Rare Cases)

Cuts to the gum may be needed to expose the tooth for an easier extraction

3. Tooth Pulled

The tooth is pulled (extracted) from its socket

4. Socket Cleaned

The socket is cleaned and disinfected to stop any excess bleeding and prevent infection

5. Stitching (Rare Cases)

If incisions are made at the gums, they are re-aligned and stitched back up

6. Healing & Recovery

The healing process begins, painkillers may be prescribed if needed

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