What are braces?

Braces are a fixed form of orthodontic treatment that use metal or ceramic brackets in combination with a flexible metal wire. Braces are used to treat teeth, jaw, and bite issues (also known as malocclusion). 


  • Custom solution (made specifically for your mouth and problem)

  • Corrects a variety of teeth alignment issues

  • Fixes different bite related issues (i.e. cross bite)

  • Huge confidence booster (a noticeably better smile)

  • High success rate (fixed and does not require compliance, as with Invisalign)


  • Not very attractive (easily noticeable)

  • Not removable (and less comfortable than Invisalign)

  • May require bracket or wire repairs

  • Difficult to clean teeth (and floss under brackets)

What is the braces process?

1. Assessment

Consultation to assess specific oral health situation and create a game plan for using braces

2. Brackets & Wires

Once finalized, the brackets are glued onto your teeth and the wires installed

3. Wearing Braces

The braces are worn for a predetermined amount of time and monitored at semi-regular follow-ups

4. Adjustments & Repairs

The braces are adjusted as new endpoints are reached in the corrective process. Repairs may also be made if needed.

5. Retainers

Once the braces phase is complete, temporary or permanent retainers may be required

6. New Smile

Teeth monitored for a year to make sure their position is maintained. That's it!

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