Mouth Guard

What is a mouth guard?

Mouth guards are single-piece teeth covering used to protect teeth from serious blunt-force injury and grinding. Two of the most popular forms are night guards and sports guards. 

Night Guards

  • Stop or reduce teeth grinding and/or clenching at night (bruxism)

  • Safeguards the jaw and teeth

  • Helps keep teeth longer and fuller (and more aesthetically pleasing)

Sports Guards

  • Reduce impact of facial sports injuries 

  • Reduce risk of damage to teeth (chips, cracks, missing teeth)

  • Safeguards the jaw

  • Protect against nerve damage to teeth (and loss of feeling)

What is the mouth guard process?

1. Consultation

You and the dentist decide on the best mouth guard for your needs

2. Mold of Your Teeth

Get a 3D mold or impression taken of your teeth (upper, lower, or both)

3. Mouth Guard Made

Mold sent to the lab to make the complete mouth guard out of a pre-selected material

4. Fit Check

Your new mouth guard is received and fitted. If all is well, it is ready to be worn

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