Teeth Bonding

What is teeth bonding?

Teeth bonding (also known as dental bonding) is a process where a natural-looking white resin is applied to a tooth, shaped and then hardened for repair or discolouration.


  • Very fast procedure (can be done the same-day) 

  • Preserve tooth structure (non-invasive vs crown or veneer)

  • Looks very natural (resin chosen to match your natural teeth)

  • Relatively inexpensive (compared to other cosmetic services)


  • Not as durable as some alternatives (i.e. compared to veneers)

  • Bonding only covers a portion of the tooth (usually the front)

What is the teeth bonding process?

1. Choose Resin

You and your dentist pick a shade of resin that matches your teeth best

2. Prepare Tooth

The tooth is prepared by roughening the surface for adhesion

3. Apply Adhesive

An adhesive liquid is applied to allow the resin to bond better

4. Apply Resin

The chosen resin is applied and molded to conform to the tooth

5. Cure Resin

The resin is cured and hardened with a special light

6. Polish & Finish

The tooth is contoured and polished for a smooth appearance plus any additional final touches

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