Bone Grafting

What is bone grafting?

A dental bone graft is a surgical procedure whereby additional bone tissue is added to your jawbone. The bone graft can come from somewhere else in your body or a human / animal donor. 


  • Strengthen jawbone (and support integrity of teeth)

  • Increase eligibility for dental procedures (requiring sufficient jawbone, i.e. implants)

  • Can aid recovery from traumatic facial injuries 

  • Minor surgery


  • Typical oral surgery related risks (i.e. infection)

  • Bone graft may be unsuccessful

What is the bone grafting process?

1. Apply Anesthetic

Apply local anesthetic to numb the area of operation

2. Expose Bone

Dentist exposes gum tissue of specified area

3. Clean Area

Clean the newly exposed area to remove bacteria and prevent infection

4. Add Bone Graft

Add the bone graft tissue and a corresponding membrane

5. Stitch Gum

Gum shifted and stitched back to the correct position

6. Healing & Recovery

Allow for proper healing and recovery of the new bone graft into the jawbone

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