What are dentures?

Dentures are custom-made removable false teeth. Partial dentures replace one, a few, or several teeth, whereas complete dentures replace your full set of upper or lower teeth. Non-removal (permanent) dentures are also available through the use of dental implants. 


  • Look like your natural teeth when worn (restore a lackluster smile)

  • Great if you are missing many teeth (or if your teeth are weak)

  • Low maintenance (can be removed and cleaned easily, no special equipment needed)

  • Low barrier to entry (most people are eligible to get dentures)


  • Requires multiple appointments (and/or extractions)

  • Removing dentures can be tedious (has to be done daily)

  • Require new dentures as the mouth changes

What is the dentures process?

1. Assessment

Dental assessment to determine whether you need complete or partial dentures and if any groundwork is required (i.e. implants)

2. Mold of Mouth

Dentist takes impressions of your mouth, specifically the gums and jawbone, once mouth is healed (if necessary)

3. Trial Dentures

Trial dentures are made by a denture specialist and tested to assess fit and aesthetic of the dentures

4. Refinement

Modifications to the dentures made (if necessary); the final mold is sent to the lab

5. Final Dentures

The final dentures are made in-lab and received by the dentist once complete

6. Fit & Inspection

The final dentures are fitted and inspected and if all is correct, you’re new set of teeth are ready

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