Dental Cleaning

What is a dental cleaning?

A typical dental cleaning is a procedure where the hygienist removes tartar and plaque build-up to keep teeth healthy, prevent cavities, and prevent gum disease. In some cases, a deep cleaning may be required which involves a deeper cleaning of the gums and surrounding areas. 


  • Remove plaque and tartar buildup 

  • Protect teeth roots (and prevent future degradation)

  • Detect cavities (and other oral health issues)

  • Promote healthier gums (and prevent gum disease or its progression)

  • Fight against bad breath

  • Confidence booster (mouth and teeth feel cleaner)

  • Maintain good overall health


  • Not a substitute for good oral health (can become a crutch)

  • May not be sufficient (for some cases)

What is the dental cleaning process?

1. Physical Exam

Hygienist does a physical exam noting areas of concern and overall oral health

2. Remove Plaque

Hygienist removes any plaque and tartar buildup on and between the teeth

3. Floss Teeth

Hygienist flosses in between each tooth (a floss threader may be used)

4. Polish Teeth

Hygienist goes on to apply a topical treatment and buffs each individual tooth

5. Dentist Exam

The dentist performs their own physical exam, taking into account any observations by the hygienist

6. Fluoride Treatment

The hygienist finishes the cleaning with an optional topical fluoride to help prevent cavities

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