Wisdom Teeth

What is wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom tooth removal or surgery involves the removal (extraction) of your third molars (furthest teeth on either side, if they exist). Most people have all four (4) wisdom teeth, though you can have as little as zero (0) or no wisdom teeth. 


  • Alleviate pain and discomfort (especially for impacted wisdom teeth)

  • Food less likely to get trapped (at the far sides of your mouth)

  • Prevent improper growth of wisdom teeth (and surrounding teeth from shifting)

  • Prevent further tooth or gum decay (and reduce impact of current decay and gum disease)

  • Prevent infection and cysts


  • Typical surgery related risks (infection, injury)

What is the wisdom teeth removal process?

1. Laughing Gas

Patient is sedated using laughing gas for a more comfortable extraction

2. Apply Numbing

Apply local anesthetic to desensitize area for a pain-free experience

3. Expose Gums

Dentist exposes gum of specified area to reveal the wisdom teeth

4. Remove Teeth

The wisdom teeth are extracted one-by-one depending on the number present and/or requested

5. Clean & Stitch

The tooth socket and surrounding area are cleaned. The gums are then stitched up.

6. Healing & Recovery

The healing and recovery process begins. Painkillers are prescribed. Mouth monitored for proper recovery.

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