Lip Fillers

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers, as the name suggests, involves filling the lips with hyaluronic acid in order to enhance their look, volume, and shape. 


  • Looks and feels natural (just like your other teeth)

  • Durable (can last a long time; up to a lifetime with good care)

  • Sturdy and fixed (won’t move around or negatively affect speech/eating)

  • Feel more confident (an improved smile does wonders)


  • Typical minor surgery related risks (infection, injury)

  • Cost (depends on the number of dental implants)

What is the lip filler process?

1. Prepare Mouth

Remove the damaged tooth and rebuild the jawbone through bone grafting (if necessary).

2. Place Implant

Dentist cuts open gum of specified area, drills a deep hole to place the new tooth root (implant).

3. Healing

The process of osseointegration begins. The jawbone starts to grow into and around the implant. This usually takes a few months at least.

4. Add Abutment

The abutment is an intermediate connecting piece used to help fix the new tooth to the implant more securely.

5. Place New Tooth

Once the time is right, as verified by the dentist, the new tooth is ready to be added. This step is usually quick and easy.

6. Final Check

The implant and new tooth are checked for proper form and function and monitored over time.

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